Bubble Trouble Unblocked Bubble Trouble Unblocked

Play Bubble Trouble - Pop bubbles, avoid dangers, and conquer levels in this classic arcade game. Test your skills now!

Bubble Trouble Unblocked

Krešimir Cvitanović

5/5 - (1993 votes)

Bubble Trouble Description

Bubble Trouble is a classic arcade game that brings a unique twist to the world of bubble-popping fun. Developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic, this game challenges players to navigate through levels filled with bouncing bubbles while armed with a harpoon. The goal? Burst the bubbles into smaller and smaller pieces without getting trapped!

Bubble Trouble Unblocked

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys: Move your character left or right.
  • Spacebar: Shoot the harpoon to split bubbles into smaller fragments.
  • P: Pause the game.

How to Play

  1. Navigate the Levels: Move your character through various levels filled with bouncing bubbles.
  2. Burst Bubbles: Shoot your harpoon to pop the bubbles into smaller pieces.
  3. Avoid Contact: Don’t let the bubbles touch you; otherwise, you’ll lose a life.
  4. Advance Levels: Progress through levels by successfully clearing the screen of bubbles.
  5. Master Bubble Splitting: Learn the patterns of bubble splitting to strategically clear the screen.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Timing is Key: Master the timing of harpoon shots to effectively split bubbles.
  2. Plan Your Moves: Anticipate the trajectory of the bubbles to avoid getting cornered.
  3. Use Walls to Your Advantage: Bounce harpoon shots off walls to reach bubbles in tricky spots.
  4. Watch for Power-ups: Some levels may contain power-ups or special items to aid your bubble-popping adventure.
  5. Stay Nimble: Keep moving to avoid being cornered by the bouncing bubbles.

Game Developer

Bubble Trouble was developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic, a game developer known for creating engaging and entertaining online games.

Game Platforms

Bubble Trouble is primarily available as a web-based game, accessible through internet browsers. It is designed for online play and doesn’t require additional installations.

Bubble Trouble Unblocked

How to Play Unblocked

Access Bubble Trouble through official gaming websites or platforms that offer unblocked games. Since it is a web-based game, ensure you are using legitimate sources to enjoy a secure and uninterrupted gaming experience.


Bubble Trouble brings timeless arcade entertainment with its simple yet addictive gameplay. Challenge yourself to conquer levels, refine your bubble-bursting skills, and enjoy the classic charm of this engaging online game. Get ready for a popping good time in the world of Bubble Trouble!